Log files

The wrapper and vJoyInstall both create quite informative log files. The actual installation by the system append installation-related information to some system log files. These files are very informative though not easily deciphered.


The log file for the Inno Setup wrapper is called Setup Log 2011-11-01 #xxx.txt and is located under %TEMP% folder. (xxx can be any number in the range 001-999).

In addition to logging the actions of the set-up, the file also holds information about the system, lists the files that were extracted and the folders that were created. Note that the file name includes the date of the installation and a serial number. It is quite possible that an installation process will result in two log files.


The log file generated by vJoyInstall.exe resides in the same folder. It is called vJoyInstall.log. It is a small text file that consists of a header and details about the steps of the installation.

Note: When the installation fails, the wrapper uninstalls and remove all vJoy related files including this file. To save the file please copy it to another location before pressing OK button on the failure message box.

System files:

During the installation process, Windows record the process on one or more files:

Operating system folder File name
Vista and up %WINDIR%\inf setupapi.dev.log



Analysing these files is beyond the scope of this site. You may look for further information in the following articles:

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