vJoy installation include several utilities that are meant to help configuring and testing vJoy devices.


To create or remove a device, to add or remove axes, buttons or POVs, to configure Force Feedback (FFB) options use one of the following applications:

  • vJoyConf: User friendly graphical tool. Configuration done one device at a time.
  • vJoyConfig: Command-line version of vJoyConf. More efficient than vJoyConf as it may configure all devices at once.


The fastest way to see which devices are configured (Exist), not configured (Missing) or owned by a feeder use vJoyList. It will also tell you which process owns which vJoy device.


To test your setup you can use vJoyFeeder to feed any vJoy device. Note that this is a standard feeder so it acquires the selected device (preventing other feeders from owning it) and it cannot acquire an already owned device.


To test your feeder, you can use Monitor that monitors feeder activity for the selected device. It is much better than the inbox "Game Controllers". It only monitors vJoy devices