Launch GUI

Note: This requires vJoyConfig to be copied into the vJoy directory, and for the system to be configured correctly.


vJoyConfig -h

Help text


vJoyConfig -t [[-c] Di...]

Report current vJoy Configuration

Without any additional flags - list of vJoy device and their respective statuses.

-c The configuration report is in vJoyConfig command-line format. To be reused in batch file.

Di List of devices for which the command will print configuration information.

Note: Not using flag '-c' will result in a human-readable output format.


vJoyConfig -v

Version information


vJoyConfig -r

Reset vJoy to default configuration

Note: This operation is equivalent to deleting all configurations. vJoy will fall back into its default state which is Device #1 with 8 Axes and 8 Buttons.


vJoyConfig Enable [on | off]

Enable or Disable vJoy driver . Default is 'on'

Note: This operation is useful if you need to disable all vJoy devices and then to enable them.


vJoyConfig -d Dn [Dn+1...]

Delete one or more devices - devices are in the 1-16 range

Note1: This operation may be applied to no-existing devices.

Note2: If all devices are removed - the operation is equivalent tp  vJoyConfig -r.


vJoyConfig Dn [-f][-l][-a Ai [Ai+1 …]] [-bn] {[-pm] | [-sj]} [-e [{all | Ei ...}]]

Create or replace a joystick device

  • Dn The index of the target joystick device in the range of 1-16

  • -f Force creation even if device exists. This will delete the current device before creating a new one.

  • -l Defer creation of device until the next operation that enables the driver. See Notes.

  • -a Ai Define axes (one or more).

    • Possible values are (Case insensitive): x, y, z, rx, ry, rz, sl0, sl1

    • In the absence of this flag the default will be used (Default = all axes)

  • -b n Set the number of buttons (Possible values are 0 to 128; Default = 8 buttons)

  • -p m Set the number of analog POV Switches (Possible values are 0 to 4; Default = 0)

  • -s j Set the number of discrete POV Switches (Possible values are 0 to 4; Default = 0)

  • -e Ei Define the required FFB Effect. Possible Effect Values are (Case Insensitive):


Constant Force


Ramp Force


Square Wave Force


Sine Wave Force


Triangular Wave Force


Sawtooth (Up) Wave Force


Sawtooth (Down) Wave Force










All above FFB effects


Note 1: This operation never modifies an existing device. It either leave it unchanged or override its configuration.

Note 2: Use flag '-f' to overwrite an existing device configuration

Note 3: To create a new device only if absent - do not use flag '-f'
Note 4: A device can include either  Analog or  Discrete POV switches

Note 5: Omitting flag '-e' will result in a device that does not support FFB

Note6:  '-e all' is equivalent to '-e const ramp sq sine tr stup stdn spr dm inr fric'

How to Deploy

vJoyConfig is now part of the vJoy installation.

(Usually located in C:\Program Files\vJoy\x64 or C:\Program Files\vJoy\x86).