vJoyFeeder demonstrates the capabilities of vJoy and the usage of the API.

Use it to test vJoy Installation or while writing your own Feeder.




Select a Target Device - vJoyFeeder will acquire this device (if free).



  • Only the sliders for the axes that were configured are active.

  • For a given axis, slide up and down to change axis position.



  • Only the buttons that were configured will be active.

  • Click on an active button to toggle its position.


POV Switches:

  • The type of the POV will appear on the POV frame (Continuous/Discrete)

  • Select the POV you want to manipulate (There are up to 4)

  • Turn the knob to the correct position.

  • The current POV position (In 1/100 Degree units) will show below.

  • Click the centre to set in/out neutral position.