vJoy does not emulate Xbox devices.

If you need a virtual Xbox device (vXbox) use a virtual USB bus (ScpVbus) and an API (vXboxInterface or vGen) according to your exact needs.

Note: Most of the software described here is not maintained by me.


Installing this Virtual Bus enables the user to plug-in virtual Xbox devices.
With the help of the accompanying API it is easy to write a feeder.
This bus is based on the bus maintained by Benjamin H√∂glinger (@nefarius).

Bus Installation

IMPORTANT(Windows 7 Only) You must install the latest Xbox 360 drivers first.

  1. Unzip bus package into a temporary folder (scpvbus-x64.zip for a 64-bit target machine, scpvbus-x86.zip for a 32-bit target machine ).
  2. Open a command window (CMD) as an administrator.
  3. CD to the above temporary folder.
  4. Enter the following command: devcon.exe install ScpVBus.inf Root\ScpVBus

Bus Removal

Same as installation, only a different command: devcon.exe remove Root\ScpVBus
Note: You cannot remove a bus if a vXbox device is plugged in to it.


If your feeder does not need to interact with vJoy then vXboxInterface is usually the right API for you.

To write a feeder, you need to link to vXboxInterface.dll. Then use the interface functions as listed in file vXboxInterface.h (In vXboxInterface-x64.zip/vXboxInterface-x86.zip).
The feeder calls these functions in order to Plug-in vXbox devices, feed then with data, inquire them for feedback and finally unplug them.

External Links

vXboxInterface API and development tools (32 bit / 64 bit)

vXboxInterface Releases

vGen - Generic Virtual Controller API

Use this API to write a a feeder:

  • For Virtual Xbox (vXbox) devices.
  • For Virtual Xbox (vXbox) and Virtual Joystick (vJoy) devices.

Use vJoy API (vJoyInterface) for vJoy-only feeders.

This API comes with documentation and SDK. Read the documentation carefully before you begin.

vGen Releases